Saturday, December 31, 2011

Translation of my ghazal رخصت ہوا وہ تو یہ راز کھل

 have come to know that secret after my beloved's departure, that there is nothing indispensable in all around the world...2.i was suspicious relating the presence of whom whose existence is non deniable(GOD).....i was glad to think that there is no rush of disasters in the world(all was antonymous)...3.all the fears,doubts,depressions are attached with the pulse(LIFE)...When it will stop(DEATH)then there is not a single moment which laments or come to sad... life always runs around in circle...4.You are asking me about my friends,relatives supported me in my crucial time?.... ooh let me say that i don't remember whom left me where....5. whenever i try to count the wounds and injuries which are gifts of love...i always forget the proper counting digits...reason?is only that the mind which is subjected to pain constantly is unable to count for...6.its true that people caused my destruction in general but when i was aware of the major role played by my beloved in my destruction i drew conclusion that my beloved was too simple to be imagined...7..i believe in Bountifulness and Kindness of my GOD to its that is why in my poverty and bad times is only by my own cause.....It is not my Fate.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

چار لائنیں الٹی طرز کی

تم   سے   بچھڑا  تو  تم سے ملنے کے لئے میں
 گھر  سے  نکلا  تو  سب حالات الٹے پڑے تھے
  کیا بتا ئو ں    کہ  زہن  میں کیا ہلچل مچی تھی
 پتھر اگے تھے راہوں پر  اور کانٹے گڑے تھے۔